penis exercises

penis exercisesWhat are the very best penis exercises a man can do in order to increase his length and girth? Simply put, it takes just a little bit of work daily if you want to get some great results out of your workouts. Let’s quickly discuss some penis exercises that will add more muscle to your meat

Penis hangers – yes, this may sound a little odd but it does work well. A penis hanger is a stretching exercise whereby you hang actual weights to your male member. While it may hurt, the results speak for themselves and the product will pay off, eventually. Read more here

Jelqing – this is a fairly controversial method but one that has been shown to pay off in spades. Using an “okay” grip (literally make the OK symbol with your fingers), stroke the shaft of an erect penis only until the head or glans. Then, repeat the process. It’s the same sort of routine that muscle builders use to pump more blood into their muscles.

Rotating stretches – stretch your penis directly upwards and rotate it in a 360-degree circle for ten to fifteen seconds. All you need are roughly ten reps of this with a half-erect penis

Kegels – here’s one of the more popular methods simply because it places the least amount of pressure on the penis. Using the same muscles you’d use to stop yourself from urinating, simply contract the muscles thirty to forty times for 5-10 reps. It is initially tough but the pay-off is a firmer erection and the ability to maintain an erection for a longer period of time

Compressor – this is all about stressing the penis in order to increase size and growth overall. Simply place both hands on your penis (one end on the glans, the other on the shaft) and pull them towards each other.

Those are our most reliable penis exercises. Good luck in lengthening and increasing the size of your penis.